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UV glue What is UV glue?

UV glue

UV glue (กาวยูวี)

What is UV glue?

             What is UV Glue? UV glue is a smooth and clear material blend. It helps work much faster.
You don’t have to wait 6-10 hours for the glue to set like other glues. and with features that when dry becomes clear
no glue stains Help make the work more beautiful. and has high adhesion strength This allows you to achieve perfect parts like UV glue for DIY crafts or commercial applications in various industries. with need for glue used in welding with clear dryness Whether it is materials such as glass, plastic, acrylic, crystal, glass, steel or other metals, even paper. (photo paper)
such as
K-300 UV UV glue for gluing glass, glass..
The adhesive is clear, used for bonding between glass and glass, glass, handicrafts, and amulet work. High strength The adhesive uses ultraviolet (UV) light to react to the adhesive to harden. The adhesive will set within 30 seconds. Suitable for workpieces where UV light can penetrate, adheres firmly, has strength, does not leave stains.
UV glue is gaining more and more popularity. because it is effective
Strong adhesion to the workpiece More durable than other types of glue And it is more beautiful than other types of glue as well.
UV glue is a glue that needs to be dried. with ultraviolet or UV light
to cause a reaction to harden the glue It has better adhesion properties at the molecular level. which is different from other types of glue It takes time for the glue to dry, but UV glue uses UV light to dry the glue. And it hardens quickly. UV glue is a polymer that uses UV light.
 To strengthen the connection between molecules.
K-300 UV กาวยูวี


How does UV glue work?
UV glue application There are only a few easy steps.
1. Prepare the work clean with alcohol to clean oil stains and dust
2. Assemble the pieces together. Use a UV flashlight (available for purchase) to illuminate the area to be installed.
3. Drop the glue onto the workpiece. in the right amount
4.Water splicing workpiece Purge all air bubbles.
5. Dry with UV light.
6. Place the workpiece. The glue will begin to set within 15-40 seconds.
by the best way To attach various materials with UV glue. It is important to allow the glue to dry during UV exposure. The material we want to connect Whether it’s a mirror and a mirror or glass and stainless steel
It is necessary to be close to each other 100% tightly, there can be a gap of not more than 0.3 mm.
so that we may gain full strength according to the specifications specified by the factory by which we may use a tool to capture Come as a helper to camp the work closely, just like this, we will have a beautiful job. and perfect
how to use
1. Clean the workpiece that needs to be attached. Apply glue to the area to be attached.
2. Assemble the pieces together. Use a UV flashlight (available for purchase) to illuminate the area to be installed.
3. Place the workpiece aside. The glue will begin to set within 15-40 seconds.


 Precautions for use

– In case of getting into the eyes or touching and causing an allergic reaction To rinse immediately with clean water. and should seek immediate medical attention The shelf life of the glue is stored in a place that is not exposed to heat and red light.

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