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Silicone Coated PCB Board

Silicone Coated PCB Board

What is PCB?

PCB or PC Board, or can be commonly called a printed sheet, where the word PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. “printed circuit board”


The PCB itself is a piece of insulator with copper stripes connected to different points on the plate (where different devices can be inserted) to route different signals or conduct electricity to each point. We can see this PCB in general electronic devices such as mobile boards, computer mainboards, etc.

Is PCB coating necessary?


The PCB is filled with copper which serves to transmit signals and electricity. Although copper is highly durable But it can corrode rust when exposed to oxygen. and when copper reacts with oxygen, known as “Oxidation” of the copper will rust and be corroded until eventually deterioration. That means that the PCB coating prolongs the life of the copper. And make the surface of the PCB can be soldered when assembling the components on the PCB. It can also increase the beauty of the PCB itself.

PCB coating is not only prolonging its service life. It also increases the beauty of the PCB as well as seen in the picture above. Today’s computers are showing more and more internal devices, including the PCB or what we call the motherboard or the mother board on the computer itself.

เคลือบ บอร์ด PCB เฉพาะจุด

รูปประกอบ การเคลือบบอร์ดแบบเฉพาะจุด

Typical PCB lamination

Materials such as acrylic, silicone, epoxy, urethane, paraxylene (parylene) are used for the coating. The coating methods range from applying, dipping, spraying to industrial automation and robotics, etc. to be resistant to environmental, humidity, and waterproof as well.


รูปประกอบ การเคลือบ บอร์ด PCB  แบบเคลือบทั้งบอร์ด


Why measure the thickness of PCB coating?

      Of course, PCB coating has many uses. Both help extend the service life, waterproof, dustproof, and moisture-proof as well. But it’s not that PCB coating has only advantages. Of course, in PCB coating there is also the cost of raw materials used to coat the PCB, which in turn leads to costs. More or less, it depends on the quality of the solution or substance used in the coating. And there is also the matter of wasting time spent on coating. It is also important to control the thickness in accordance with standards and requirements. If the coating is too thick, it will affect the production cost. And if the coating is too thin, it will affect the quality of the PCB.

Therefore, the manufacturer will measure the coating thickness on the PCB and control it as a standard. In addition to the manufacturers who have to measure and control, the person who takes the PCB to continue assembling the product must also be measured and controlled. To make the product or products reliable and quality


What is used for PCB coating?

Kafuter thailand Product Introduction of PCB Board Lamination

1. K-5705 Silicone Coated PCB Board Clear Color RTV


insulating glue does not conduct heat Protection against moisture and water and circuit shock. 

Used to coat printed circuit boards (PCB), non-corrosive and non-polluting to use, packing size 45 g per tube. How to use

Clean the workpiece to be coated and then apply glue to the area to be coated. 

The adhesive will begin to set within 24 hours at room temperature. Method for peeling off the coated surface. 

– Apply the solution to the area that needs to be removed. Use a tool to scrape the surface, taking care of how to keep the adhesive life longer.

 – Store it in a store away from sunlight and heat. Can be stored in the refrigerator in the normal temperature compartment. Precautions for use. 


– In the event that it gets into the eyes or touches and causes an allergic reaction To rinse immediately with clean water. and should seek immediate medical attention

2 . K-5312W/5312L Silicone Coated PCB Type AB White/Black

It is an electronic circuit board coating silicone adhesive type AB used for coating printed circuit boards (PCB) with insulating properties. low viscosity weather resistant Can prevent moisture, does not corrode, the glue will set completely within 10-24 hours.

      It is an electronic circuit board coating silicone adhesive type AB used for coating printed circuit boards (PCB) with insulating properties. low viscosity weather resistant Can prevent moisture, does not corrode, the glue will set completely within 10-24 hours.

Kafuter K-5312 electronic pouring double-sided silicone potting glue high temperature resistance glue


K-5312 two-way silicone poured sealant at room temperature curing has good deep curing properties, good adhesion to rubber, low viscosity rubber, easy air mass out in the system. Behind the glue cured elastomer material has excellent resistance to hot and cold properties and resistance to outdoor aging.


Plastic materials, all kinds of metal, most plastics have a certain degree of adhesion. (epoxy resin, polycarbonate, nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber and other adhesion), thus making the rubber materials and components and the wall linked together, has a better sealing performance. The LED module is suitable for potting protection. General electronic components, modules, circuit boards


When there will be long-term storage of component A settlement or stratification, so before each mixing of component A must use appropriate manual or mechanical stirring, component B should be fully shaken in sealed container to condition, then use.

When installing the required application material before use, confirm that the attachment, and then use it.

Mix the amount of components B more common, short the curing time, short the operating time.

4. The higher the temperature, the faster cure, short the operating system. Heat curing is generally not recommended to avoid surfaces inside bubbles or apertures, affecting appearance and sealing performance.

5. Sealing thickness 20mm or less natural degassing, no prior degassing. If large potting surface thickness inside bubbles or apertures may occur, so the mixer should be replaced in the vacuum container, degassing under 700 mmHg for at least 5 minutes.

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