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PTFE .Thread Sealant -PTFE 250g.


PTFE .Thread Sealant – PTFE 250 g.


Ready-to-use, ready-to-use refrigerant high viscosity medium clamping force Will harden quickly only when in anaerobic conditions and in contact with metal. It can be an excellent replacement for duct tape.


K-PTFE pipe thread sealant
It is a ready-to-use confined adhesive. with high viscosity medium clamping force
Used for all types of threaded pipe fittings or fastening screws.
The adhesive will help fill in the gaps to prevent leakage.
and relaxation from vibration, rust prevention
It is resistant to water and oil.
The operating temperature is -54℃ ~150°C.
Use instead of duct tape.
Maximum pressure withstand ≥69
Full set time 24 hours.

type of project you are working on

pipe work

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