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K-0290 Threadlocker (High Strength) 50g.

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K-0290 Threadlocker (High Strength) 50g.


Used for locking threads of unassembled metal work with sizes from M12 and below. that require moderate strength Helps to fill in the gaps in the threads. resulting in strength

Prevents loosening from vibration, prevents rust, is resistant to water and oil.


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K-0290 Threadlocker (High Strength) 50g.

Product Details

K-0290 Medium Strength Threadlocking Adhesive Brand Kafuter Product Description The green color adhesive is suitable for applications that require medium strength thread locking. Suitable for work that requires assembling workpieces together first and then wanting to be attached for strength Glue is viscous. Used in industrial and general applications 


1. It is an anaerobic glue. It solidifies when it is in the absence of air and in contact with metal. 
2. Used for locking metal threads that have assembled the workpiece together. with sizes from M12 down that require medium strength 
3. Glue helps to fill the gaps in the threads. Resulting in moderate strength. prevent loosening from vibration and rust prevention. 
4. Can withstand water and oil, packing size 50 grams per tube 

How to use 

1. Clean the work piece to be attached. without water, oil 
2. Drop glue on the area to be fixed. 
3. Tighten the nut to the thread to be attached. 
4. The glue will set within 10-15 minutes and will completely harden within 24 hours. How to remove – Use hot air to blow on the thread to be removed. then use the tool to remove 


– In case of contact with the eyes or touch and lose Immediately rinse with clean water and see a doctor. 
– Should be kept away from children. The product meets ISO 9001 and Rohs standards. 
***Guaranteed genuine from the factory***
type of project you are working on

Machinery, metal work, steel work

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