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K-0262 Threadlocker (High Strength)



Ready-to-use, ready-to-use confined threadlockers Medium viscosity, high holding strength Prevents loosening from vibration The solution will only solidify when it is in anaerobic conditions.and contact with metal



Used for locking metal work threads with size M20 down that require

High strength, the solution will help fill the gaps in the threads. resulting in strength

Prevents loosening from vibration, prevents rust, is resistant to water and oil.


Does not harden | Main material : Methacylic acid

Appearance: red

Viscosity (mpa.s) : 1000~3000

Density (g/cm^3) : 1.05

Ignition point (℃) : > 108

Maximum distance (mm) : 0.13

Set time (25℃,min) : ≤ 15

Hardening | Full hardening time (25℃,Hour) : 24

Tear torque (Nm) : 20

Withstanding torque (Nm) : 15

Stable temperature (℃) : -54~149

how to use

Clean the surface to be bonded.

Apply the solution to the area to be attached. Make sure that the solution is completely filled with the surface.

For best results, drops should be approximately 0.5 mm thick.

3. Tighten the nut to the area to be fixed.

4. The solution will set in 15 minutes and will be completely set within 24 hours.



If used with large screws, it may affect the setting speed of the solution.

and the strength will decrease

Cannot be used on plastic surfaces.

In case of eye contact or allergic reaction, do

Rinse with clean water and see a doctor.



Should be stored in a dry place away from sunlight. in the temperature range 15~28℃

The shelf life is 12 months after production.


It is not recommended to disassemble the workpiece that is completely set. as the workpiece may be damaged.

type of project you are working on

Automotive & Equipment, Machinery, metal work, steel work

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