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K-PTFE กาวซีลเกลียว


K-PTFE pipe thread sealant

Product details
Thread sealant, PTFE, size 50 ml. Kafuter Liquid PTFE Tape
Kafuter Liquid PTFE tape Thread sealant brand Kafuter, the adhesive is light yellow. does not corrode the workpiece
high tenacity Waterproofing, can withstand high pressure, shorten the process and save pipe assembly time. Work faster, suitable for the job pneumatic system (Air system) and thread work, various joints, glue curing temperature -54 ~ 149 c°, packing size 50 grams per tube, RoHS, ISO9001 standard.
1. It is an anaerobic glue. Will harden when in anaerobic conditions and in contact with metal.
2. Used for pipe assembly work together. instead of cloth tape Has a surface with oil stains, strong, reducing assembly time Suitable for materials such as steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, high-pressure resistant stainless steel pipes. Sealing pressure 69 MPa, resistant to oils and solvents.
3. The glue helps to fill the gaps in the threads. waterproofing and loosening, including rusting.

How to use

1. Clean the workpiece that needs to be attached. Drop some glue over the thread to be attached.
2. Assemble the pieces together.
4. Place the workpiece aside. The glue will begin to set within 15 minutes and harden in 1 hour. It will set completely within 24 hours.

Method of disassembly

1. Use hot air to blow at the area where the thread is attached or use a tool to remove it.
– In the event that it gets into the eyes or touches and causes an allergic reaction To rinse immediately with clean water. and should seek immediate medical attention
**Guaranteed genuine from the factory**
Products meet ISO9001 standards 
**Products meet RoHs standards******


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