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K-9741 Epoxy glue for PCB coating type AB

K-9741 Epoxy glue for PCB

K-9741 Epoxy glue for PCB

K-9741 Epoxy glue for PCB


Product details

Details: It is epoxy. Electronic circuit board coating, type AB, epoxy material, black and Has insulating properties
has low viscosity Resistant to weather conditions with hot and cold temperature changes. Protects against humidity. Used for Printed circuit board (PCB) coating is non-corrosive and non-polluting to use.
Mixing ratio: 5 : 1 ( A = 5 , B = 1 )

How to use 

1. Prepare the surface to be coated. and clean the surface that needs to be coated
2. Prepare silicone in the specified ratio. using measurement for accuracy
3. Close the caps on Bottles A and B immediately after receiving the desired amount.
4. Mix A and B together.
5.. Apply glue to the area you want to attach.
6. The glue will harden completely within 24 hours at room temperature.
After mixing, you must use it all. Should be mixed according to the amount of use.


After using and leaving it for a long time, Bottle A will have sediment. Should be stirred before use.
Storage to prolong the life of the glue: Should be stored in a place not exposed to red light or heat.

Packing size 

: 1.2 Kg per set. Products imported from China.
The product meets ISO 9001 standards.
****Guaranteed genuine products from the factory*******


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