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K-9119 epoxy

K-9119 Epoxy

K-9119 epoxy repair and sealant for metal


Epoxy glue hardens when A and B glue tubes are mixed together. It is used for repairing metal objects.
when leaks or cracks occur high strength The operating temperature will be 100 -150°C.


Not hardened | Appearance: A = gray | B = light yellow
Mixing ratio (per weight) : A:B = 1:1 (per weight)
Hardened | Physical Properties | Shore D hardness : ≥ 80
Shear strength (MPa,25°C) : ≥ 18
Full set temperature (Hour, 25℃) : 12

How to use

1. Clean the surface to be glued.
2. Use sandpaper or other tools to smooth the desired surface.
3. Mix the glue A and B in the ratio of 1:1 people to make the glue homogeneous. Then apply glue to the surface to be repaired.
4. The glue will be fully set and ready to use within 24 hours.


1. Should calculate the amount of glue to be used to be suitable for the surface to be repaired.
2. The glue once mixed will last for 1 hour.
3. Once the glue is mixed, it should be used immediately.


Should be stored in a dry place away from sunlight. In the temperature range 15~28 ℃, the shelf life is 24 months after production.
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