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K-705 (clear silicone glue)

Product details 
Silicone Rubber 45 g Kafuter 705 (clear silicone glue)
– help cooling
– Helps to stick between devices that need cooling and the heatsink.
– Size 45 g.
Features: This product is silicone adhesive sealant, solvent-free, non-corrosive, non-polluting, moisture contact at room temperature, the use of safe and convenient. With excellent moisture and aging resistance and electrical insulation properties, the use of temperature range -60 ℃ ~ +250 ℃
Uses: used for electric heaters, high temperature instrumentation, electric pot, electric iron and other leakage of oil leakage sealing adhesive. Also used for neon lights, energy-saving lamps, TV sets of high-pressure package of moisture-proof seal, anti-ignition and arc and so on. Use: components to do the general surface cleaning treatment, adhesive bonding, room temperature can be cured. The longer the placement time, the better the bonding effect.
Storage period: stored in a cool dry place, storage period of 12 months.
Net weight: 45g
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