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k-5704 K-5704  กาวซิลิโคน ยึดอุปกรณ์อิเล็คทรอนิกส์

K-5704 Silicone

K-5704 Silicone glue for fixing electronic devices (white)


Silicone adhesive for fixing electronic devices Kafuter K-5704 RTV
Silicone adhesive for fixing electronic devices (Kafuter) K-5704 RTV is a silicone adhesive. Used for fixing electronic devices. semiconductor optical lens
Car headlights, working temperature -60°c ~ 250°c, products meet RoHs, ISO9001, ISO14001 standards.
** Guaranteed genuine from the factory **


1. The adhesive is insulating. Does not conduct heat Protects against moisture and water
2. Used to attach equipment Close the motor office Electrical equipment and others

How to use

1. Clean the workpiece that you want to attach.
2. Drop glue on the area to be attached.
3. Place the workpiece aside. The glue will begin to set within 10 minutes and will be completely set within 24 hours at room temperature.

Precautions for use

In case of contact with eyes or contact causing an allergic reaction Please rinse with clean water. and should immediately see a doctor
** Guaranteed genuine from the factory **
**Products meet standards. ISO9001***RoHs***


K-5704 silicone sealant fixing electronic devices 


is silicone glue has thermal conductivity to lower the temperature
Used in the assembly of LED lamps with PCB, aluminum, etc., firmly attached.
resistant to temperature changes


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