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K-5312W  Silicone Coated PCB Type AB ( White )

It is an electronic circuit board silicone adhesive, type AB, used for coating printed circuit boards (PCB). It has insulating properties. low viscosity weather resistant Able to prevent moisture, non-corrosive, the glue will cure completely within 10-24 hours.
Kafuter K-5312 electronic pouring glue two-sided silicone potting glue high temperature resistance glue
K-5312W two-pour silicone sealant, room temperature curing, good deep curing properties, good rubber adhesion, low viscosity rubber, easy mass air out in the system. After the glue cured elastomer material has excellent resistance to hot and cold properties and resistance to outdoor aging.
Plastic materials, all kinds of metal, most plastics have a certain degree of adhesion. (epoxy resin, polycarbonate, nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber and other adhesion), thereby making the rubber material and components and the wall linked together, has a better sealing performance. LED modules are ideal for potting protection. General electronic components, modules, circuit boards
Performance K-5312W
Appearance A: black liquid B: colorless transparent liquid
Viscosity (25 mPa s): 2000 ~ 4000 B: 20 ~ 100
Relative density (25g/m3): 1.10~1.25, B: 0.98
Mixing ratio (%): B = 100: 10
Operating time (25,min) 30 to 60
After mixing viscosity (25 mPa s) 1500-3500
Full curing time (25,h) twenty four
After curing
Shore hardness (24 h) 15 to 25
Heat (w/(mk)) 0.3
Volume Resistivity (Ω cm) 1.0 × 1014
Dielectric strength (kv/mm) ≥18
Dielectric constant (100 KHZ) 2.9
Shear strength (MPa, aluminum / aluminum) ≥ 0
Dielectric loss tangent (100KHZ) 1.0 ~ 3.0 × 10-3
1. When there will be long-term storage of component A settlement or stratification, so before each mixing component A must use appropriate manual or mechanical stirring, component B should be fully shaken in a sealed container condition, then use.
2. When installing the required application of materials before use, confirm that the attachment is attached, and then use.
3. Mix the amount of component B more commonly, the shorter the curing time, the shorter the operating time.
4. The higher the temperature, the faster cure, short operating time. Heat curing is generally not recommended to avoid internal surface bubbles or apertures, affecting the appearance and sealing performance.
5. Sealing thickness 20mm or less natural degassing, without prior degassing. If large potting thickness, internal surface bubbles or aperture may occur, so the mixer should be placed in a vacuum container, degassing under 700 mmHg at least 5 minutes.
Packaging, storage and transportation:
(1) spot products, B Packaged components:
1.1 kg / set (group 1 kg + B components 0.1 kg), (shop sales specifications 1.1 kg / group)
(2) when storing and transporting goods, should be stored in a cool place, avoiding the sun and rain.
(3) Products have an effective storage period of 1 year, extend the retest if they meet the standards for continued use.
(4) products, non-dangerous goods, storage and transportation
1. Accurate measurement of the weight of A and B components.
2.Stirring component B to component A flask comes in a container and mix well.
3. Pour mixed plastic material as soon as possible, the need for potting potting products.
4. cured potting good parts left at room temperature curing after the lamp can enter the next step, complete curing takes 10 to 24 hours.
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