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K-5213 Silicone

Thermal conductive silicone


Thermal conductive silicone  is alloyed with metal oxides. (excellent thermal conductivity and insulation) and organic siloxane High thermal conductivity up to 3.5 and excellent electrical insulation, long working temperature (-50℃~200℃), stable and good fluidity, easy to use, no toxic or corrosion, no smell and no melting.


Packaging and coating in electronics electrical appliance and components such as the gap between the CPU and the heatsink, the high-power pipe, the silicone regulator component, the gap between the diode and the substrate surface.
Aluminum Cooper, the contact surface between the test tube and the heat sink. and semiconductor refrigerator
General features  product name Thermally conductive grease K-5213  Appearance gray glue
Drilling (1/10mm,25℃) 300~350
Proportion (g/cm3) 2.9~3.1
Independent(%.200℃,8h) ≤2.0
Change(%.200℃,8h) ≤2.0
Failure holding force (kV/mm) ≥2.0
Thermal conductivity (w/mk) ≥3.5

How to use

Clean surfaces, oil stains and rust on the surface to be adhered.


The surface should be evenly coated, filling all voids with a thin layer. and make sure not to over coat the surface.
Packaging information 1.0 kg / jar
Should be stored in a dry place away from sunlight. In the temperature range 15~25℃
The shelf life is 12 months after production.


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