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k-5204k ซิลิโคนเคลือบบอร์ด


K-5204K Silicone Adhesive for Electronic Devices

Product details
Kafuter Thermal Silicone Sealant Kafuter K-5204K
Description: It is white silicone glue. has thermal conductivity To reduce the temperature for use in assembling LED lamps with PCB, CPU 
Aluminum, microchip attached to heatsink (requires permanent bonding), strong adhesion, resistant to temperature changes (-60°C ~ 280°C), products comply with RoHs and ISO 9001 standards.

How to use

1. Clean the surface to be coated.
2.Apply glue on the area to be fixed.
3. The glue will harden within 10 minutes at room temperature 25°C.
preservation to extend the life of the glue
– Should be stored in a cool or ventilated place or the temperature is below 25°C.

Packing size 80 grams per tube

Precautions for use

– In the event that it gets into the eyes or touches and causes an allergic reaction To rinse immediately with clean water. and should seek immediate medical attention
** Genuine factory warranty ** ** Products meet ISO 9001 standards **
**Products are RoHs standard** Suitable for general electronic work and export.
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