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K-300 UV กาวยูวี

K-300 UV

K-300 UV  glue for glass

The glue is clear, used to bond between glass and glass, glass, handicrafts, and Buddha statues. High strength back The glue relies on ultraviolet (UV) light to help in the reaction to make the glue harden. The glue will set within 30 seconds, used in applications that require speed. Suitable for workpieces that UV light can reach, adheres firmly, is strong, does not leave stains
Product details
Suitable for: sticking on mirrors and crystals such as parquet, glass, glass and handicrafts.
1. It is a UV glue, it hardens when an ultraviolet light (UV flashlight, purple light) shines on the glue. To help in the reaction to solidify the glue.
2. The glue dries within 15-40 seconds, depending on the workpiece installed. When the glue dries, it is clear and does not leave glue residue on the contact surface.
The product has RoHs, REACH, ISO 9001 standards.
How to use
1. Clean the work piece to be attached. Apply a drop of glue to the area to be bonded.
2. Assemble the work pieces together. Use a UV flashlight (which can be purchased online) to illuminate the area to be installed.
3. Put the workpiece aside. The glue will begin to set within 15-40 seconds.
Precautions for use
– In case of contact with the eyes or contact with allergies Immediately rinse with clean water. And should hurry to see a doctor immediately. Extend the life of the glue stored in a place that is not exposed to heat and red light.
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