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Kafuter K-1668 ซิลิโคนนำไฟฟ้า

K-1668 Silicone

K-1668 Silicone 85g

adhesives, electronics, adhesives, permanent yellow


 1.for electronic components, electrical products and solutions to meet the environmental requirements of the European Union.
2.can withstand temperatures of 105, good viscosity.
3.insulators after environmental testing of the same basic characteristics.
4.High Viscosity


color : yellow
Solid content : 60 ± 5%.
Impact Resistance Testing
Adhesion circumference at the bottom of the capacitor of the coating evenly.
The grip section at the bottom of the capacitor of the second circle, gluing, bonding area equal to half the area of a circle.
On the surface, G / E (5cm × 5cm) with adhesive 8g capacitors for 7 days environments RH 20 70% 7 days of making the freefall 1m 

Packge include

1 the x Kafuter the K-1668 85g components. Fixed Adhesive 
Hengda Kafuter K-1668 Hot Melt Glue


(1) Potting and fixing in electronics components or other electrics products.
(2) Pass the RoHS and REACH
(3) Goog insulation and flame-retarding, high temperature resistant up to 105°c.
(4) Vertical coating, less wire drawing, and easy to use


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