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K-0648 กาวตรึงเพลา กาวอุตสาหกรรม


K-0648 Shaft Fixing Adhesive (Industrial Adhesive)

product details
K-0648 Axle and bearing retainer High strength brand Cafuuter
glue details
– The glue is green. low viscosity High strength, packing size 50 grams per tube, suitable for cylindrical work
Smooth surface, two pieces are attached together without threads for shaft holes less than 0.15 mm. radius such as valve sleeves, gears, shafts, bearings.
– Glue curing temperature -54 ~ 149 c°
1. It is an anaerobic glue. will harden when in the absence of air and in contact with metal
2. Used for fixing shafts, gears, valve sleeves, bearings.
3. Adhesive helps to fill gaps in two pieces of metal. waterproofing anti vibration and loosening and rusting
4. can withstand water, oil
Packing size 50 grams per tube
How to use
1. Clean the work piece to be attached.
2. Drop glue on the work piece to be attached.
3. Assemble the workpieces together.
4. Place the workpiece aside. The glue will cure within 20 minutes and will harden within 1 hour, fully curing within
24 hours
Disassembly method
1. Use hot air to blow on the area where the threads are attached.
2. Use tools to remove
Precautions for use
– In case of contact with the eyes or contact with allergies Immediately rinse with clean water. And should hurry to see a doctor immediately.
**The product is certified by ISO9001, RoHs**
You can watch a clip of the use via Youtube channel: Kauter Thailand.
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K-0648 กาวตรึงเพลา กาวอุตสาหกรรม


K-0648 shaft fixing glue

Used for fixing shafts, gears, valve sleeves, bearings, glue will help fill the gaps.
Between 2 pieces of metal to prevent leakage vibration, relaxation
Rust, water, oil resistant
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