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K-0567 50G Universal Pipe Sealant


K-0567 (Universal Tubing Sealant) is a versatile, paste-like, instant-sealed pipe sealant.
Product advantages:
1. Can be sealed immediately without pollution system.
2, impact resistance, prevent thread corrosion
3, lubrication, can be removed and washed hand tools
Main objectives:
This thread is mainly used for M68 Large bottom cone/cone cone/straight pipe and stainless steel instantaneously sealed joints.
Main features:
Chemical TypeMethacrylate
white paste appearance
Viscosity (25 °C, mPa.S) ≥ 550000
Flash Point (°C) >108
Only Gravity 1.15
Initial curing time at room temperature (Min) ≤ 60
Full Cure Time (HR) 24
Maximum sealing pressure (MPA) 69
Operating temperature (°C) -54 ~ 149
Instructions for use:
This thread is packaged in a plastic tube for easy use. Wipe spare joints before use. It can be adjusted within an hour after applying the glue.
Easy to disassemble, just increase the disassembly torque by 20%. The excess glue will not cure and can be wiped off with a cloth. When the product is used as a sealant, it can be pressed immediately to size. If the pipe is subjected to high pressure, high impact or strong vibration, should wait 24 hours, test solution After it has completely disappeared.
Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place 15 ~ 28 ° C, shelf life of up to 12 months.
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