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Category: For industrial use


K-0648 กาวตรึงเพลา กาวอุตสาหกรรม

K-0648 K-0648 Shaft Fixing Adhesive (Industrial Adhesive)product detailsK-0648 Axle and bearing retainer High strength brand Cafuuterglue details– The glue is green. low viscosity High strength,…



K-0545 K-0545 Thread Seal Adhesive (Industrial Adhesive)product detailsK-0545 High Pressure Thread Sealant, Cafuuter Brandglue details– The glue is purple. Has high viscosity, packing size 50…


น้ำยา ล็อคเกลียว K-0272

K-0272  K-0272 Threadlocker (Industrial glue)high temperature resistant typeproduct detailsThreadlocker Kafuter 0272 (High Strength) Size 50 ml. Resistant to high temperature 203 ° C.K-0272 High Strength…


k-0242 กาวอุตสาหกรรม

K-0242 K-0242 Threadlocker (Industrial glue)product detailsK-0242 Threadlocker Medium strength, brand CafuuterThe glue is blue, packing size 50 grams per tube.feature1. It is an anaerobic glue. It solidifies when…

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